Other Tips

These tips are in no particular order, but all of them are likely to save you time and money if followed before submitting your job.

  • Scan or create images at appropriate resolution. For web use 72 dpi is fine. For printing images, plan for 300dpi at final intended output size. For printing single-color line art, scan as bitmap at 600dpi if space allows, to avoid noticeable pixelation.

  • Before bringing us your multi-colored job, print out separations on your own color or black and white printer, to make sure you get the separations you expect. This will tell you if something in your document has its color defined wrong.

  • DO NOT specify objects at less than 100% opacity in Illustrator for spot color print jobs! While creating transparency effects this way works for the web or CMYK printing, the object's color will NOT separate properly if its intended to print as a spot color. If you want to "lighten" a spot color, set a tint value instead.

  • Whether submitting your job by file transfer or on disk, submit only the files we need, along with a listing of the file names, applications used, and whether they were made on Mac or Windows.

  • Include all the fonts you used. Use Postscript Fonts instead of Truetype fonts when possible, and make sure you include both the printer AND screen parts of the Postscript fonts you send.

  • Before providing your files, delete all objects hidden underneath other objects on the page, and delete all objects off the page.

  • If you use the same spot color in different programs (like Illustrator and PageMaker), make sure the color is actually named exactly the same in both programs, or objects created in one program will separate differently from objects created in the other program, even though you intended them to separate to the same printing plate.

  • Make sure all text intended to print black is actually defined as 100% black. Do not define black text as a CMYK combination.

    Do not create EPS' in Photoshop with the "halftone screen" or "transfer function" options enabled.

  • Convert all your images and colored objects to CMYK or spot color.

  • When you give us your job, please give us a way to contact you at any time. Once in production, its very costly to stop if a question comes up. If you cannot be reached, the job will be stopped and rescheduling may be significantly later.